Plague stricken streets, streets now stained with the blood, shame, and tears of a city that once saw light. Darkness has reclaimed the city, shadows dominate. Even the smell is enough to bring a wailer to his knees, retching. No wailers now…no children skipping  rope, for the city stands in ruins.  Faces no longer smile, but weep in agony. Tears of blood, shed by the innocent betrayed by those in power. Greed has bred this plague, fed the gluttonous underbelly of the rich.  Water has risen, sickness has spread, and the darkness had not only reclaimed Dunwall, but it’s people as well…

[Courtesan’s Journal]

Entry one:23rd day of the Month of Seeds

     I was once a little girl picking flowers in the hills, or seashells on the shore. Now they call me a downright…lost soul. Back home in Morley, what would they think of me now? My father was a Fisherman, he earned an honest wage off the coasts of Fraeport, just enough to keep food in our bellies. That was until the death of the  dear Empress, when the Lord Regent raised the taxes and we could no longer afford the cost of living. I felt I was a burden, I fled to the big city so that I could help my father take care of the family by earning coin at a factory. It soon became clear that wasn’t what Dunwall had planned for me.

Entry two: 8th day of the Month of Rain  

     Oh! Why have I come here? To seek fortune for my family that struggles in debt!? I will die in debt! Madame Prudence, That cruel, cruel woman! I’ve seen her at night, after a girl has fallen ill and is near death, throwing the weak girl’s body into the river. Food for the Hagfish. Our lives are worthless if we cannot bring in the coin, and no man cares to be entertained by a dying girl. Not all die by accident, for the Pendletons are cruel men with a penchant for torture. I am lucky to avoid their gaze when they are picking a girl. They get pleasure from inducing pain. It always goes too far and then…thrown to the river, barely alive and stripped to the bone by fierce little teeth. I suppose the same goes for bodies left to rot in the streets, devoured by the plague rat. The city feeds upon us.

Entry three:1st day of the Month of Wind

     At the Golden Cat Inn I sing and play my harp on stage, but once the show is over I sing a different song, to Lords, Admirals, whoever has the coin. Every night I drown my sorrows in Tyvian red, hoping for a brighter tomorrow but knowing it shall never come for me.  I wish I could have told Maddy the truth about what I do for coin, my dearest sister and best friend. Alas, I am ashamed and have not the courage to write back to her for many months now. All I send now are the few coins I can spare, as the Madame is greedy and takes much of our earnings for herself. I am not close with the other girls, I care not for their gossip and ignorant chatter. At night sometimes I hear deep whispers, and out of the window I spot a strange shadowy figure. One Blink , and the figure is gone. I am certainly imagining things, I have been restless at night, perhaps I just need to get more sleep.

Entry four:27th day of the Month of Wind

     Every night for the passed month now, I have been sneaking into the Madame’s room to pocket some coin. Little by little, so that she does not suspect. By the end of next month I pray I shall have enough to return home. I am determined to run away. Another sick girl disappeared last night, I can only imagine what became of her. If I stay here much longer my fate will be sealed and I shall end up bruised, broken, and dying, tossed into the river or gutter.

Entry five:1st day of the Month of Darkness

     Last night I met a dark eyed stranger by the waterfront, he agreed to help me escape on the 13th day of the Month of High Cold. When I asked how much coin he would like in exchange for taking me back to Fraeport, he replied: ” Keep your petty change, I have not the need for it.” Although I was suspicious at first, I have no choice but to trust in the kindness of strangers. He would not tell me his name, and kept to the shadow so I could not fully see him, but from what I can tell he is soft spoken and strangely handsome.

Entry six:11th day of the Month of Darkness

     Madame Prudence has grown suspicious, she has noticed that someone has been stealing from her. One by one she searched our sleeping quarters. Hastily, I cut a hole in a small ragdoll and filled it’s belly with all of the coin I had stashed in a jar under my bed. I quickly stitched up the doll and sat her on the desk under the window. Madame entered the room, tore back the covers and sheets from the mattress. She then preceded to rifle through each drawer in both the dresser and desk. I started to shake with fear as she reached for the ragdoll. I took a step back, accidentally knocking over and breaking a glass half filled with King Street Brandy. ”You impudent girl!” she screeched, ”Clean this up at once!…What a waste of good brandy.” The accident had distracted her and she seemed satisfied that I had nothing to hide, but the glass and brandy were coming out of my next earnings.

Entry seven:1st day of the Month of High Cold

     I grow ever anxious for the night of my departure from this wicked place. I am certain that I have more than enough coin to help my father out of debt, since the man that has agreed to ferry me home asks for nothing in return…or so he has led me to believe. I know not of his true intentions, I can only hope they are innocent. I long for Morley, I cannot wait to see my little brothers, my sister, and my dearest father. I worry what he will think of his little girl if he learns of where I was employed, and of the acts I had to commit to earn the coin I sent every month.  Once home, I hope to find a good husband. My days of ”working” are over and a kind, simple, and honest man, (who cares not to inquire of my past) is exactly what I shall hope for. I have dealt with many corrupt, dishonest scoundrels in my time at the Golden Cat Inn. Men blinded by greed and power, nothing like the simple folk of Morley. I shall be quick to leave this dark place, and it’s darkened people behind me. I have not been able to sleep most nights, I have reoccurring, haunting dreams of shadowy figures, whispering, calling to me.

Entry eight:12th day of the Month of High Cold,  Near Midnight

     I eagerly await my dark eyed savior. I hope the journey to Morley will not take many days, for I have grown slightly ill, but I’m certain its nothing a bowl of hot meat stew cannot fix. Madison always made the best stew. My heart skips a beat, for any moment now I shall board my boat back home. I have struggled and suffered long but my reward shall be the reunion with my family, I shall finally be free! There is quite a bitter chill in the air, I hope he shall not keep me waiting much longer for I can barely feel my hands. Moments from now it will be midnight, where are you stranger?

[Madison’s Journal]

13th day of the Month of High Cold, moments after Sunrise

     Last night I dreamt  of my long lost sister. She was very sick, stumbling in the dark she came upon a man with black eyes. He took her hand and whispered softly in her ear, her face became awash with terror. He clasped her face in his hands and said: ”You need not be afraid, you shall suffer no more… I shall take you home.” Then she smiled and closed her eyes as they disappeared in a cloud of dark mist. I know not what to make of this dream, but I hope that wherever she is, she is happy.

Later that day…
     I shall not forget the horror of this morning for as long as I shall live! An hour or so after I awoke, I went down to the shore to collect shells, as me and my sweet sister used to do in our youth. As I approached the beach I noticed a small boat bumping against the rocks. I quickly ran to see if it had any cargo, and in it lay the lifeless plague stricken body of my sister! Her cheeks were stained with blood, as if she had been crying crimson tears, and upon her twisted pale face…a smile.

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